Dennis Kung

The First Thinking Sculpture


Below is an art installation created with Antoni Gaudi. Yes, Antoni Gaudi. The famous Catalan architect that died nearly a decade ago.

So, how did he help create this art piece in 2017? With IBM Watson.

We taught Watson everything we could about Gaudi to see if he could keep help us keep his legacy alive. Watson discovered themes that inspired unexpected materials, shapes and colors for the sculpture. And just like Gaudi, Watson learned the importance of art evolving to the times, which is why this sculpture actually moved and changed shapes according to real-time data of Mobile World Congress. The sculpture’s skeleton was also IBM’s data visualization across digital touch points at MWC.

The piece debuted at tech-fest, Mobile World Congress, which also happens to be Gaudi’s hometown of Barcelona. The buzz around city and the world became the First Thinking Sculpture, Gaudi’s first piece of work since 1914.

Executive Creative Director: Vicki Azarian

Senior Art Director: Dennis Kung

Senior Copywriter: Stephanie Cajucom

MWC 2017-Booth stand_1.jpg
MWC 2017-Sculpture_1.jpg
MWC 2017-Sculpture reactivity.jpg
MWC 2017-Sculpture_2.jpg