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The Cognitive Dress


The cognitive dress

The theme of the 2016 Met Gala was Manus x Machina: Man and Machine in the Age of Fashion. Design house Marchesa collaborated with IBM and Ogilvy to create the world's first Cognitive Dress that debuted on the red carpet.

With Watson's deep analysis of massive amounts of data, Marchesa designers were able to find unique materials and analyze thousands of red carpet dresses from the past—in minutes. Together, Watson x Marchesa used these insights to create a one of a kind couture dress that lit up the red carpet and reflected real-time social sentiment of the fans. We assigned five color schemes to five overall sentiments of trending hashtags. The dress turned aqua if the overall social sentiment was excitement, lavender for joyful, red for love, green for envy and yellow for curiosity.

The Cognitive Dress made headlines, best-dressed lists, and made IBM Watson a cool kid in the most exclusive clique out there—the fashion crowd. 

The results:

IBM was the clear leader among technology companies' presence at the 2016 Gala, with a 75% share of conversation over other brands such as Apple (16%), Samsung (6%), Google (3%), and Intel (1%).

Highest engaged tweet in IBM history.

95% positive social sentiment.

Exceeded Instagram brand metrics by 117%.

"Cognitive Dress” conversation earned more than 49K mentions, reaching 352MM potential earned social media impressions for the campaign.

57 million social media mentions from unexpected audiences, earning 227MM potential earned media impressions that tied back to specific mentions of IBM & Watson.

$8m of earned media stemming from 712 million impressions earned in traditional media, and 352 million impressions on social.

 AD: Dennis Kung

CW: Stephanie Cajucom

ECDs: Vicki Azarian/George Tannenbaum