Dennis Kung

Dennis Kung



I was made in Taiwan.

My Mandarin name is Shenray, 'Dennis' is the result of assimilation, and it's inevitably who I am today.

I migrated to the United States when I was 11 years old. To compensate the language barrier, I spent a lot of time drawing comic strips about Formula One racing, making mediocre airplane models (not to admire, but to play with), painting, and sketching portraits of classmates and football players from trading cards. Remember those?

My advertising career started at Ogilvy New York, then as an ACD at Publicis and Mother New York. Throughout these experiences, I’ve had to pleasure of learning from some of the brightest and weirdest minds, working on insanely complex tech businesses such as IBM, to extremely visual and fun brands such as Target. As the unpredictable nature of of this industry goes, advertising has brought me back to Asia today where I’m working as a Creative Director at Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai.

In my free time, I love riding aimlessly on my Triumph Bonneville. It brings about nostalgia that takes me back to the first time I discovered a cow farm by the village where my grandparents lived. My friends and I got to it by crossing 3 planks of wood over a creek on our bicycles.

Nostalgia + discovery = my kind of oxymoron.


Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai
Creative Director
7.19 - present

Mother NY
5.18 - 7.19

Associate Creative Director
09.17 - 05.18

Ogilvy NY
Senior Art Director
11.16 - 09.17
Art Director

07.14 - 11.16

Benjamin Moore & Co.
Multimedia Designer
10.11 - 07.14